Scope and Content Note
The family collection is attributed to 4 generations of the rabbinic dynasty Alexander S. Adler and Salomon Carlebach from Luebeck. Most of the material belongs to the personal archive of Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Carlebach of Leipzig. The family immigrated to Israel in March 1936. The material was given to the Institute between 1996-1998 by his grandson Mr. Ephraim Amiran of Kibbutz Yakum.

Folders:  CAR1-20

Dates:  1827 - 1987

Content series:

  • Rabbiner Alexander S. Adler
  • Rabbiner Dr. Salomon Carlebach
  • Rabbi Joseph Cohn
  • Wilhelm and Miriam Cohn Family
  • Rabbiner Dr. Emanuel Carlebach
  • Rabbiner Dr. Ephraim Carlebach
  • Esriel Carlebach
  • Rabbiner Dr. Joseph Zvi Carlebach
  • Rabbiner Dr. Moritz Stern
  • Languages of Material:  German, Yiddish, Hebrew, English

    Paper Series:
    Personal papers, letters and postcards, sermons, diaries, family events, photographs, publications

    Related Collections:
    Joel-Adler-Carlebach Family Book
    Rabbiner Dr. Michael Cahn [1849-1920]

    Found in:
    The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem