MIRIAM GILLIS-CARLEBACH - RESEARCH ARCHIVE Creator: Prof. Dr. Miriam Gillis-Carlebach [1922-2020]
Dates: 1922 - 2017
Languages: German, English, Hebrew
Biographical Note Miriam was born in Hamburg, the third daughter of the Chief Rabbi Dr. Joseph Zvi Carlebach and Lotte Carlebach nee Preuß. Immigrated to Israel at the age of 16, in November 1938. She was educated in the Religious Youth Village under the direction of Dr. Eugen Michaelis.
In 1944, she married Ernest Moshe Gillis, and the family settled in Kfar Avraham near Petah Tikva. At the beginning of her educational career, she worked as a remedial teacher at the Amishav crossings. In 1985 she was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in the fields of Special education and Hebrew Reading instruction.
Prof. Dr. Miriam Gillis-Carlebach was an honorary senator of the University of Hamburg [1995], founder of the Hadad Center for Dyslexia Research [1986] and the Joseph Carlebach-Institute for Jewish Thought and Education [1992].
The Carlebach-Institute was established in collaboration with the University of Hamburg to carry out joint projects in the field of Hamburg Jewish heritage, in memory of Chief Rabbi Joseph Zvi Carlebach [1883-1942], his family and community members who perished in the Holocaust. During her approximately 40 years of work, she engaged in academic research and teaching, authored and edited dozens of books and articles in her fields of activity.
Research Projects The Joseph Carlebach-Archive, 1976
Education and Faith: Rabbi Joseph Carlebach, 1979
Jüdischer Alltag als Humaner Widerstand, 1990
'Each Child is my Only One': Lotte Carlebach (Preuß), 1992
The Role of an Orthodox 'Rebbetzin' in Germany under the Nazi Regime,
Joel-Adler-Carlebach Family
Highlights on the Jewish Past in Hamburg. Virtual Exhibition, 2008
Memorbuch: Hamburger judische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus, 1995
Memorbuch zum Gedenken an die judischen, in der Schoa umgekommenen Schleswig-Holsteiner, 1996
Documentation and Education: Children in the Holocaust
The Jewish Child within the History of the Jewish People
Special education / Hebrew reading insrtuction
Back to Literacy, Reading after the Shoah
Paper series
Personal papers
Family correspondence
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JOSEPH ZVI CARLEBACH - PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS Creators: Rabbi Dr. Joseph Zwi Carlebach [1883-1942], Lotte Carlebach (Preuß) [1900-1942]

Dates:  1897 - 1941

Languages:  German, Hebrew, English

Description Joseph Carlebach, born in Luebeck to the Orthodox Rabbinic family, had a remarkable career serving as a Senior teacher in Jerusalem, Kovno, and Berlin. He also held positions as Director of the Talmud Torah school and Chief Rabbi of Jewish communities in Hamburg, Altona, and Schleswig-Holstein. Known for his passionate oratory skills, he authored numerous books and articles published in contemporary Jewish press.
The majority of Joseph Carlebach's personal archive is preserved in New York by the Family of the descendants of his son, Rabbi Shlomo Peter Carlebach [1925-2022]. Additionally, the JCI-Archive houses four reels of microfilm from New York, and a collection of published works, photograps, memoires, original autographs and photocopied correspondence from the Research Archive of Miriam Gillis-Carlebach.
Timeline of Life

January 30, 1883
Born in Luebeck, the fifth son of Rabbi Salomon Carlebach and Esther nee Adler.

Study in Katharineum in his hometown
Torah lessons with Rabbi Mordechai Gumpel

Academic studies in Berlin and Heidelberg

Mathematics and natural science teacher at the Laemel School and the Jewish Teacher's Seminar in Jerusalem

Margaretenschule Berlin, Senior teacher

July 1914
Rabbinical Seminary Ordination in Berlin

Military service, Headmaster of the Jewish Realgymnasium in Kaunas

January 1919
Marriage to Sharlotte Helene, daughter of Dr. Julius and Martha Preuss in Berlin

Rabbi of Lübek, after the death of his father Rabbi Dr. Salomon Carlebach

Headmaster of the Talmud Torah School in Hamburg

Chief Rabbi of the Hochdeutsche Israeliten-Gemeinde Altona

July-August 1931
A journey of Keren-Hatorah to the Jewish Culture Institutions in East Europe

February-March 1935
A journey to Eretz Israel

Schriftführerder der Vereinigung traditionell-gesetzestreuer Rabbiner Deutschlands

Chief Rabbi of Deutsch-Israelitischen Synagogenverband Hamburg
Chacham of the Portugiesisch-Jüdische Gemeinde

December 4, 1941
Deportation to the Jungfernhof concentration camp near Riga, together with his wife Lotte and their 4 children: Shlomo, Ruth, Naomi and Sarah.

March 26, 1942
Joseph and Lotte Carlebach and their three daughters were murdered in the Bikernieki forest and buried in a mass grave of the Jews of the Riga Ghetto

Collection series: Correspondence / Manuscripts, Eulogies / Photos / Published works and memoires /

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Reference: Joseph Carlebach, by Miriam Gillis-Carlebach, 2006

Scope and Content Note The family collection is attributed to 4 generations of the rabbinic dynasty Alexander S. Adler and Salomon Carlebach from Luebeck. Most of the material belongs to the personal archive of Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Carlebach of Leipzig. The family immigrated to Israel in March 1936. The material was given to the Institute between 1996-1998 by his grandson Mr. Ephraim Amiran of Kibbutz Yakum. The collection contains a variety of family papers and a treasure of rabbinic manuscripts, such as: sermons, diaries and Torah records. The collection is kept in the Central Archive for the History of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. Most of the material has been scanned and is available for reference and research online on the digital archive website:

Dates:  1829 - 1984

Languages of Material:  German, Yiddish, Hebrew, English

Rabbiner Alexander S. Adler
Rabbiner Dr. Salomon Carlebach Family
Rabbiner Joseph Cohn
Wilhelm and Miriam Cohn Family
Rabbiner Dr. Emanuel Carlebach Family
Rabbiner Dr. Ephraim Carlebach Family
Esriel Carlebach
Rabbiner Dr. Joseph Zvi Carlebach Family
Rabbiner Dr. Moritz Stern

Paper Series: Family events / Photos / Correspondence / Sermons / Personal Records / Published works

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