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  1. Folder: BOX2-2
    Subject: Miriam Gillis-Carlebach, Bar-Ilan University

  2. Folder: BOX2-2
    Events in honor of Miriam, Bar-Ilan University

  3. Folder: BOX2-2
    Miriam Gillis-Carlebach, Moshe Gillis, Prof. Dr. Julius Carlebach, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, et.all.
    Hamburg, 1983 - 1994

  4. Folder: BOX2-2
    The 3rd International Carlebach-Conference
    Bar-Ilan University, 26.3.1996

  5. Folder: BOX2-2
    The 5rd International Carlebach-Conference
    Bar-Ilan University, 25.3.2001

  6. Folder: BOX2-2
    M. Gillis-Carlebach, Dr. Eckart Frey, Prof. Dr. Ephraim Meir
    Seminar University of Magdeburg, 9.1996 [?]

  7. Folder: BOX2-2
    Prof. Dr. Walter Zwi Bacharach, Gillian Goldmann
    Annual Lecture in Memory of Rabbi Joseph Z. Carlebach
    Bar-Ilan University, 1997

Miriam Gillis-Carlebach - Research Archive, Photographs

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Public Events in Bar-Ilan University
Public Events in Hamburg

Dates: 1976 - 2015

Annual Lectures in Memory of Rabbi Joseph Z. Carlebach
International Carlebach-Conferences
Seminar University of Magdeburg
Memorial Events in Hamburg

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