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Two letters from Ezriel Carlebach to his family

Ongoing Research in the JCI-Archive delves into a comprehensive study of the letter contents. However, various challenges, such as deciphering old manuscripts in German and Hebrew, limited background knowledge about the family story, and constraints in time and resources, impede rapid progress. Nevertheless, our team is fully prepared to accommodate the specific needs of researchers and individuals interested in accessing the archival materials.

As a result of one of the recent queries, we present two letters from Ezriel Carlebach to his family, both dated 1935.

The first letter, written in July 1935, provides a detailed explanation of the options available for purchasing a house in the Land of Israel. Remarkably, the topic remains relevant even in contemporary times. It sheds light on the profound interest of German Jews in acquiring property in Israel before immigrating, particularly against the backdrop of the impending Holocaust. Notably, Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach and his family later migrated to Israel in March 1936.

The second letter, also from April 1935, chronicles the heart-wrenching narrative of Ezriel's younger brother, David [Dati], during his final days in London. Ezriel vividly describes his brother's illness and his untimely death at the young age of 22.

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