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Featured Documents / 11-2023

Two Letters from Esriel Carlebach

To mark the 115th birthday of Ezriel Carlebach, the founder of 'Ma'ariv', one of the leading newspapers in Israel, we present here two letters from 1935, that were sent to his family in Leipzig.

The first handwritten letter provides a detailed explanation of the options available for purchasing a house in the Land of Israel. Remarkably, the topic remains relevant even in contemporary times. It sheds light on the profound interest of German Jews in acquiring property in Israel before immigrating, particularly against the backdrop of the impending Holocaust. Notably, Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach and his family later migrated to Israel in March 1936.

In the second letter, sent from London, Azriel describes with great sorrow his younger brother David's last days and his death from an infectious disease at the age of 22.

Esriel Carlebach Collection

Publications / 12-2022

"The End of German Jewry is Upon Us"

JCI Research Fellow Dr. Meir Seidler has just published the first intellectual biography of Rabbi Dr. Joseph Carlebach. The English title is "The End of German Jewry is Upon Us": Rabbi Joseph Tzvi Carlebach (1883-1942) - End of an Epoch. The book focuses especially on the reaction of Rabbi Carlebach to the Nazi Regime.
"The way Rabbi Carlebach dealt with the events of his time expresses not only his complex and unique personality, but also sheds light on the deep intellectual and emotional involvement of most of the German rabbis in the culture that gave birth to the monster that eventually destroyed their communities. Therefore, Rabbi Carlebach's story in its various aspects - in particular the intellectual aspect - is a case study that describes an entire period and the personalities who were active in it."

Bar-Ilan University Press